Sunday, October 21, 2007

FlashBack [REminiscence 0.1.4-CE-1] (FREEWARE)

Port of the popular game Flashback!

For WM2003 and WM2005 - ARM/XSCALE

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TV remote controller v5.7

TV remote controller is a Pocket PC, Pocket PC 2002, Pocket PC 2003 & Windows Mobile 2005 application that uses your PDA as a universal remote control for TV, VCR, Cable, SAT, DVD and other equipment. 600 KB of available storage space are needed.

TV remote controller 5.7 runs only on devices with Strong ARM & Xscale processor. Version 5.7 is available only for Pocket PC 2003/2003SE/WM5, if you have older OS, TV remote controller 5.5 must be installed instead.

* You can control 38 predefined devices + 30 learned devices + devices in CCF files.
* Support landscape mode updated!
* Support for iPAQ 39xx, iPAQ 54xx & iPAQ 22xx build-in CIR module
* Timer function
* Running on ARM & Xscale processor
* Full screen (in CCF mode)
* Converts your spoken words into infrared remote control signals using proven, accurate voice recognition technology
* Can recognized up to 25 voice commands
* Listening in the background! (you can use another application and control your TV,VCR......)
* Basic skins: TV, VCR and Universal
* Ability to work with CCF files (own skins, macros....)
* Learn mode (you can learn up to 30 devices)
* Best distance range for all devices
* Multi-Languages (English, German, Italian, French, Japanese, Dutch updated!....)
* No additional adjustment is necessary
* use PDAs hardware buttons to control volume, program and on/off....
* Fast access to equipment's

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Socket Wi-Fi Companion v2.10.13.0

ocket Wi-Fi Companion is an intuitive and graphical utility that displays your connection properties at a glance. There’s even a Power Save utility, so you can adjust the power settings when using battery power.

Find - WLANs in range and view their properties in detail, including the level and type of security in use
Connect - whenever your favorite networks are available
Manage - power settings automatically to maximize battery life

Advanced Diagnostic Tools
Socket Wi-Fi Companion includes advanced diagnostic tools for the power user. Use Ping to verify network connectivity or as a site survey tool to find dead spots or the edge of WLAN range. The Trace Route tool traces a packet from the Pocket PC to an Internet host, showing each hop and how long it takes to reach the destination. This helps you locate delays if performance seems slow.

Made for Pocket PCs with built-in WLAN from Dell, HP, and ASUS running Windows Mobile 5.0. Includes support for square screens and landscape mode
- Friendly, easy-to-use interface
- Graphics shows important connection properties at a glance
- Tap on icons to quickly perform related functions — view IP addresses, install security certificates, browse the Web, find WLANs in range, and more
- Advanced statistics displayed in handy graphs and tables

Wi-Fi Finder gives detailed data about networks in range: WLAN name (SSID), signal strength, encryption, profile saved, MAC address, and more
- Filter and sort through WLANs to quickly find the one you want
- The Pocket PC’s built-in WLAN editor only reports the WLAN name (SSID) providing no other network details.

Power Save utility includes automatic power managment option
Keeps you connected —prevents connecting to unwanted networks

Works well with all WLAN security protocols supported by Windows Mobile (WPA,WPA-PSK, 802.1x, 40/128-bit WEP, Open)
Ping and Trace Route utiities are useful troubleshooting tools to verify network connectivity, survey network range, and find Internet route delays
Socket Cert Enroll utility makes it easy to install a personal certificate for networks using EAP-TLS

Status icon at the top of every screen indicates radio status, signal strength, and connection status

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SPB Pocket Plus v4.0.0 Build 6128

Windows Mobile 2003, WM5, WM6
The M!cro$oft distinguished service pack with the most awaited features missed in the original Windows Mobile. Get the most from your Pocket PC with this top-selling award winning software

The most powerful Today plug-in ever
Easily customize your Today
50+ beautiful skins
Start your favorite programs in one tap
Organize other plug-ins in tabs
Turn your Internet Explorer into a full featured web browser
Tabs like in IE7
Drag screen with your finger
Fast search panel
Save web pages
View page source
All the features you missed in File Explorer
ZIP support
File encryption
File properties (view and edit file extension and attributes)
Storage card format
Check folder size in folder properties
Close button that really closes!
Close programs not minimize them:
make your device faster
free up more memory
Task manager
Tap-and-hold to see running programs
Scroll web pages, contacts, emails, etc with your finger
Easy and intuitive scrolling
Optimized for fingers
Kinetic effect
Compatible with standard applications
Extend Spb Pocket Plus functionality with powerful plug-ins
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IM+ Mobile Messenger v4.43

Chat with IM+® All-in-One Mobile Messenger within AIM®/iChat, MSN®/Windows Live™ Messenger, Yahoo!®, ICQ®, Jabber® and Google™ Talk between mobile devices and PCs in real-time. Communicate with friends and colleagues wherever you are regardless of location and mobile operator.

Key Features

* Wi-Fi connections is supported.
* Message History. View correspondence with your contacts even when you're offline.
* Full presence status support. Set your own status to give your contacts an idea of your mood. (except ICQ®)
* Advanced contact list management functions. You can add and delete contacts, group them by service, by group name, by status or alphabetically.
* Today Screen Plugin. If this option is flagged, you will see the information of all connected services, number of online/offline users and amount of unread messages for every service on your Today Screen;
* Multiple dialog windows. Don't miss a moment, chat with several buddies simultaneously.
* Advanced Notification Settings. In Settings section you can set notifications of important events like new updates of the application.
* Smileys. Add emotions to your messages, a large set of funny faces is available.
* Exchange messages in any language installed on a phone.
* Friendly User Interface in English, German, Italian, French and Russian.
* Integrated help function. Fill out the on-line help forms and get answers to your questions.

Resco Explorer 2007 v6.15(smart phone)

Besides being an easy and well arranged file manager with advanced functions, Resco Explorer 2007 offers dozens of other features, including encryption, ability to map a drive, registry editor, file compression, and many more.

For Smartphone 2k2,2k3,wm5,wm6

Earlier this week, Resco released a minor upgrade of this popular program, to version 6.15. New features in this version include:

* Status bar
* File decryption in memory
* Quick-search bar
* Advanced Network Settings
* File Types Highlighting
* Updated Today Plugin with Task Manager
* Folder Properties — recursive file attribute setting

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PocketIslam v7.0 (freeware)

Requirements: wm03, wm5
Overview: Make your Pocket PC The ultimate Islamic resource tool.

Arabic Holy Quran with tashkil, English translation and recitation. Now you can listen while you are reading. Or listen while you are driving. Athan and recitation before the Athan even when the device is off. Also, This software contains Hadith in Arabic, Prayer table, Prayer schedule , Hijri Calendar and Hijri to Georgian conversion, Qibla according to your location and position of the sun. Furthermore, it contains lunar calendar, moon age and Islamic Holidays Added to your calendar. Finally, it support Today Screen plugging display to display the prayer time and date in Hijri and to control the Azan voice. Enjoy it and please give us your feedback for improvements.

Quran recitation (MP3).
Arabic Holy Quran with tashkil (Othmanic Font to match the Paper Book).
Multiple Language Translation.
Hadith in Arabic (Sahih Bukhari, Muslim, Ibn Maja, etc..)
Tafseer Ibn Katheer
Prayer table.
Prayer schedule.
Moon data.
Hijri calendar.
Islamic events & Holidays.
Today Screen.
version 7 released 07 07 2007